The Redeye Complex

Monday, January 15, 2007
How will the venerated record shop survive music's vanishing act?

That's the sub-headline in Mary Houlihan's Chicago Sun-Times article Keeping the Music Alive.

"Digital is the future; there's no denying that," said Patrick McNamara, of, an online retailer for independent music. "But I think there also is a large group of people who are always going to want something tangible, to hold a CD, to read the liner notes, to build a traditional music collection."

Now if Chicago is doing some navel gazing, what about us here? Buying music is quite different than 10 years ago however things seemed to have settled down. The chain stores HMV and CD Plus don't lool like they are going anywhere. And the good local stores Into the Music and Music Trader are places that I can go every couple weeks and just browse around.


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