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Sunday, February 11, 2007
See Oscar movies on DVD before winner is announced.

Just before Smokin Aces on Friday, Ian and I were chatting about Little Miss Sunshine, a Best Picture movie that I'm sure was only in the theatres for two weeks here. He saw it on DVD (review: alrrright but BP?). Now the Chicago Sun-Times writes about the impact on DVD sales for the movie.

"Little Miss Sunshine'' is one of five best picture Oscar nominees but the only one available on DVD. That puts the film, released on DVD last month by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, in the enviable position of potentially realizing a significant sales boost from all the Academy Awards buzz.

If it wins then I'm sure this will change forever the issue of movies being nominated without being actually seen by a wide audience. It used to be that a studio would run a movie in limited release just to make it eligible for an award. And they would also keep it in a theatre to cash in. Now I'm sure we will be able to view a movie on DVD before the awards are announced. Maybe.

Oh yeah, Smokin Aces. Alrright but you'd be better off skipping the last 5 minutes. The first half is much better than the last half. And Jason Bateman steals it. Actually almost all the actors get some good parts. Just skip the last reel.


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