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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Steve, music, and cheap ink.

Before I read Steve Jobs letter on data protected music reported in many places yesterday (CNET), I read this WIRED article that suggested the time could be coming where ipods replace the CD.

the iPod could become the new CD, especially if Apple starts offering cheap shuffle iPods pre-loaded with hot new albums or artists' catalogs. Imagine a whole range of inexpensive, special-edition iPods branded with popular bands containing a new album, or their whole catalogs.

In other news. Kodak is going to make photo printers that have the distinguishing feature of being cheap to use. From USAToday,

Kodak's ink will sell for about $25 when the printers hit stores in March. That's far less than the $60 to $80 it typically costs for replacement ink for photo printers.

No one has used the printers or seen any results but the idea of cheap printer ink has people nodding their heads in agreement. From Techdirt,

Someone once worked out that if you filled an Olympic-sized swimming pool with printer ink bought at retail, it would cost you $5.9 billion dollars (yes, with a b). Obviously, that's not the cost of manufacturing the ink, but includes hefty margins for the printer makers, who give away their printers cheap and make it up on the ink margins


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