The Redeye Complex

Saturday, July 28, 2007
Brick beats Sunshine.

A thumbs down on Sunshine, the Danny Boyle directed movie now playing at the Globe. A nice looking film with characters that are mildly interesting. A sci-fi film that I think wants to mean something, however it never gets there. It goes in a suspenseful direction before lunging out the air lock on quite a ridiculous path. This is a film that might work as a longer mini-series where ideas might be brought out. As it is, Sunshine is a renter.

Brick on the other hand is quite an engaging little film. A high school drama, noir mystery, where all the characters talk like they were studying Dashiell Hammett. Its a gimmick but it works. Production is spotty at times, though easy to look ignore. Highly recommended. Its on IFC and Movie Central now. I picked up a copy at BBuy for real real cheap.


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