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Monday, July 30, 2007
The F50!

Fuji drops its latest in the F series point and shoots - the F50. The Online Photographer weighs in with its thoughts.
Fuji announced a camera several days ago that gives us all—compact-camera scoffers and proselytizers—something to chew on. The FinePix F50fd, part of a five-camera roll-out by Fuji, caught my eye. This camera builds upon the strengths of the F20-30-40 series, but adds a bit of revolution to the evolution: honest-to-goodness CCD-shift image stabilization.
My F20 is quite a good camera. It has no over riding features which means I lower myself to its capability. Anyone interested in a nice small affordable point and shoot should take a look at the F50 when its available. My only criticism about it could be battery life which in the specs is not that great but that's likely with stabilization turned on.


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