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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Home Server, Vista, and a MAC.

Neat-o article on the Windows Home Server blog that covers a few cool things in passing to explain how a Windows Vista partition running on a MAC was expanded.
when I first set it up I didn't expect to use it long (I was just playing around) so I used the default partition size suggested by Boot Camp for my Vista partition (30GB I believe).

After a month or so of use, I found this was not big enough. I was down to just 1-2GB free. How to shrink the Mac partition and grow the Vista partition...?

Windows Home Server to the rescue. See, Windows Home Server's computer restore capability can restore to a larger hard drive (or partition) than the original.
Very cool.

WHS should be out at the end of this month according to news reports. Still no details in what form yet. Or price.


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