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Monday, August 06, 2007
State of the bloggers, Fake Steve - unmasked!, and the future of (downloading ... downloading) TV.

Lots of good stuff to read today.

The Washington Post writes about a blogger convention where the issue of diversity was evident.
Walking around McCormick Place during the weekend, it became clear that only a handful of the 1,500 conventioneers -- bloggers, policy experts, party activists -- are African American, Latino or Asian. Of about 100 scheduled panels and workshops, less than a half-dozen dealt directly with women or minority issues.
In the NYTimes, the identity of Fake Steve is exposed with full cooperation of the writer. Don't know what its about? Snip ...
The mysterious writer has used his blog, the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, to lampoon Mr. Jobs and his reputation as a difficult and egotistical leader, as well as to skewer other high-tech companies, tech journalists, venture capitalists, open-source software fanatics and Silicon Valley’s overall aura of excess.
The punch line is the last paragraph ... what does the real Steve think of the exposed writer? Ouch. Funny.

Also the in the NYTimes is an article that presents an idea about the future of television ... streaming television. I dunno myself but with the gaining popularity of downloading shows, I guess streaming could be next.
“The greater adoption of broadband in the United States is really raising the ante for all kinds of content from premium Hollywood offerings to pet videos,” said Mr. Rubin, who noted that NBC and ABC have begun streaming their prime-time programming to online viewers.


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