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Sunday, August 05, 2007
Twenty-four hours unplugged?

Fascinating article in the Washington Post about people who are asked to give up technology for 24 hours. The "people" are college students and the reason they give up cell phones, television, and the internet for 24 hours is because their college professor, Danna L. Walker, tells them to. In The Longest Day, Walker does this as an exercise to have the students discover something about themselves and about the power of media. And as Walker points out, the students for the most part never knew a time without media.
While we boomers have had to change our thinking entirely from its static analog map of reality, their generation has always been comfortable with the malleable, non-physical terrain of electronic networks. They started life with VCRs and CDs and led the charge to digital video and MP3s. They were the first generation to link up through cellphones and instant messages. Personal computers came of age as they were born, and they grew up with the World Wide Web and e-mail, not to mention Nintendo, Game Boy, Sony PlayStation, GameCube and Xbox. They are the demographic that marketers love to court, but they can be elusive to advertisers tied to old media.


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