The Redeye Complex

Saturday, August 04, 2007
Who your friends are = which cell carrier they are on.

The NYTimes has an article on how cell phone plans are dictating our choices in "friends". In What’s Good for a Business Can Be Hard on Friends, the article makes some amusing observations about how people choose who they talk to.
And while her attitude has yet to affect her relationships in a negative way, Ms. Joris said it had brought her closer to someone she now considered a friend who might have been an acquaintance if she were on another network.
The situation tends to focus on younger consumers. And the reason for this carrier positioning all comes down to cost. Still it is a fascinating thing to watch for me as a light cell phone user who actually remembers a time without shoe phones. Sociologists will be looking at this with keen interest for many years. Heck, they might even be on the payroll of a cell carrier to provide suggestions on how to keep customers.


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