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Friday, August 03, 2007
Wi-fi slow to show up here.

Some recent articles in papers suggest that the wireless age in Canada is going through a shift in thinking, business, availability. Blackberry announced the 8820, a typical looking blackberry but with a wi-fi mode, so in theory you can sit at a coffee shop that offers a wi-fi hot spot and surf the net for almost free. Problem is that portable devices in Canada are expensive to use for net access. The National Post writes about this.
In Canada, voice and particularly, data usage, is expensive, so dual-mode phones would likely be a hit with customers. Of course, the carriers decide which phones they sell, hence no 8820 or iPhone, which is also a dual-mode Wi-Fi device.
The Apple iPhone could be the tipping point for Canadian carries. The National Post has another article that talks about what Apple and Google are doing that might affect the industry.
Apple and Google see the status quo in North America as holding back the spread of mobile Internet usage, and thus their own growth, so both are moving to fundamentally change the business.
This is a very interesting time for wireless gadgeteers. In the meantime, some wi-fi devices are out there that might give early sign whether they actually work. The Nokia N800 for example. Archos has some wi-fi media players too.


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