The Redeye Complex

Thursday, October 18, 2007
The cool computers are devices.

All the cool computers seem to be devices - phones, tablets and such.

Engadget has details of Nokia's N810.

The NYTimes talks about Apple being more flexible on iPhone development.

Jack Kapica in The Globe talks cool phones for Christmas with a wink that just because the iPhone is not in Canada there are still some neat devices. Like the HTC Touch offered by Telus.

Finally, the Mac Break Weekly crew on TWIT gets into some cool speculation about what Apple should do with the iPhone. It starts about minute 30 or so. Mostly wishing - Apple should have a portable appliance that syncs, transfers with your desktop while at home, and if you could recreate your desktop image on another Mac just by being in proximity with your iPhone knowledge base device. Its cool stuff like that which makes me think that we are just on the edge of what portable devices can do.

The Knowledge Tablet from Apple. So cool, its gotta happen.


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