The Redeye Complex

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ontario's Great Lake Swimmers and Justin Rutledge played a sold out show at the (under renovation) WECC last night. Great night of two bands that really seemed to enjoy themselves. Started on time. Ended not too late. Great audience.

JR made reference to the previous night's show as being one of his worst and the tour as the "magical misery tour". He was brought out for an encore, said thanks, and remarked that he could play something but just wanted to leave it at that. Being on tour, playing gigs that no one in the audience cares about must be tough. And then playing the WECC that was sold out, quiet, and appreciative must be a bit over-whelming. JR plays it so quiet, he likely could play to an empty room and feel more comfortable.

Great Lake Swimmers carried on the quiet theme with a great performance. Simple stuff. Quiet ballads with waltz like tempo. Nothing over-whelming. Okay maybe up tempo for a couple. Just what I wanted to hear, what the audience wanted to hear to get lost in. The FolkFest should be signing them up.

The renos for the WECC are under way. Check out how to help out.


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