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Friday, November 02, 2007
small m - movies

Movies pile up on the PVR and I don't usually watch them until months later. And when I do watch them, its usually when I am doing computer work, so they are playing in the background. And that is probably better than if I do watch them from the couch because then my finger is on the remote waiting to hit the skip forward 30 second button.

Spent Halloween with Jack Nickolson. The Shining? Witches of Eastwick? How about Chinatown. Had this running while handing out Halloween treats. This was the best of the bunch of movies I have recently viewed. I liked the pace of the movie. And there was so much to the back story that at times it seemed more interesting than what was actually happening.

Staying in LA, The Black Dahlia got a bit too violent and at times too wacky. So many characters and twists. Yes this is Brian De Palma.

More violence for what reason, I dunno, The Departed brings a tough guy posture to the screen but it really doesn't work. None of the guys are believably tough except for Mark Wahlberg. This was the weakest of the bunch.

Finally Beowulf & Grendel was likely the surprise because I thought it would be slow but actually I didn't skip through it. Its not a big budget film. Nice scenery.


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