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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
cell phone cameras - the next big thing

Having a camera in a cell phone is nothing really new. Getting good quality out of that camera. Well. Are we there yet?

Boston Globe photographer John Tlumacki wrote a great article about taking just his blackberry on a recent holiday.
The 35mm digital cameras I use for work weigh about five pounds each. Add a camera bag and that's another 10 pounds of gear. I wanted to be free of all that. I didn't even bring my small point-and-shoot camera.
There are some great hints on being creative with the thing.

It could be that in a year or two we could be carrying usable cameras in shoe phones. The trick will be how easy it is to get the pictures off the camera. Do you have to pay to send an image to yourself? Or can we use a memory card like we use now with point and shoots?

I'm not looking for a 10MP cell phone cameras. I'd be happy with a 3MP camera. Don't even need a zoom.


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