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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Explaining Vista - maybe.

Don Reisinger is the latest writer recommending people stay away from Microsoft Vista. He suggests using XP with Service Pack 3.
Although XP was faster than Vista before, SP3 ups the ante. Believe it or not, witnessed speeds on XP have easily eclipsed Vista and the latter feels dreadfully slow after using SP3 for a while. Even better, SP3 doesn't offer the kind of annoyances that have become commonplace with Vista -- you know, device incompatibility, annoyances with pop-ups asking for permission, and downright poor performance.
Now I have Vista on two machines at home and I don't find it annoying. For what I need to do, Vista is okay. I even stopped using XP on my main machine so I could reuse the hardware for a Windows Home Server. The computer that has been redeployed is my old Compaq bought in 2001. And its still going. And XP that I just retired was in service for six years. Not too bad.

Anyway, back to Vista. With all the negative press it gets, I have not heard Microsoft's response to the issue. If they did respond it would probably be something like - we have heard the feedback and will have some fixes for service pack 1.

I'll make another theory.

I use a very complicated product at work called Tivoli Storage Manager from IBM. It is our data backup and recovery product which has been in service since 1999. Quite a solid product. Not easy to use but solid once you wrap your head around it. There have been many interfaces to the product over the years. A GUI which has since been retired. A web interface. Also retired. A Command Line Interface - old faithful. The TSM Administrator's best friend. Oh, and one more thing. Something called the ISC which consolidates all your TSM servers into one web interface. It was introduced a couple years ago. While sounding good on paper, the interface is clumsy and is slow to use. Google TSM, ISC, crap to get an indication of what people think about it.

A year ago while attending a conference (SHARE 2006 in Baltimore), I sat in on a TSM "birds of a feather" session where a bunch of TSM administrators have the opportunity to ask questions to IBM about any TSM topic. It didn't take long before someone asked when the ISC is going to be fixed? Almost in unison, every TSM administrator started grumbling about how it does not let them do their job. It is slow and difficult to use.

What was IBM's response?
Our feedback from new TSM users is that they like it.
There it was. IBM was not targeting the ISC at us old administrators. They wanted new users to like it. And they did. (We have since had some new staff get into TSM and they think the ISC is okay.)

So here is my explanation for Vista. Microsoft is not targeting Vista at old computer users. They are trying to make it easier for new users to run a computer. And believe it or not, there are still quite a few people that don't know anything about computers.

Us old computer geeks will just have to live with it. Or downgrade. Lateral arabesque. Whatever. And best of all, because we are old, that means we have a license to complain.


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