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Saturday, December 29, 2007
I've digitized all my CDs - now what?

Ian and I have been passing ideas back and forth on the audio component of a home (computer) server project. Since there doesn't seem to be one kick ass product that does what we want it is an interesting exercise watching blogs to see what others are doing.

I'm at the point now where I've got a substantial amount of my CD's converted to MP3s. Now what do I do?

My goal is to put something together that is simple to use.

I've tinkered with playing back music from a computer (windows media player and vista) and from a stand-alone device - the LX350HD.

How are things going? Based on some setups, I can identify problems into a couple of categories.

First - navigating through thousands of songs and folders is slow. Oh and even before that, you really need things labelled properly.

Second - audio quality is not that great. Just using a standard audio output from the computer doesn't provide audio of quality I am used to with CDs. The LX350HD also disappointed me (although is a good video player).

I'm now experimenting with an audio card (Creative Blaster XFi Xtreme Audio) and Windows Media Center on Vista.

I'll blog more about this stuff in the future.


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