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Thursday, January 17, 2008
The Air that we might breathe.

Andy Ihnathko in the Chicago Sun-Times makes some observations about the new MacBook Air.
It's absurdly thin -- about three quarters of an inch, and that's at the thick end of the wedge -- yet it sports a full-sized keyboard and screen. The best way to describe it is as a notebook designed with Apple's iPod philosophy. It's missing many features that you'd regard as non-negotiable on a notebook (wired ethernet, optical drive, user-replaceable battery), but Apple feels as though it understands the sort of person who will buy an Air instead of a standard MacBook.
As Andy says, Apple got it right when they started releasing computers without a floppy drive. Remember floppy drives?

Are we ready to give up wired ethernet? User-replacable battery?

The Air may or may not be a hit but what it does is perhaps point us in the direction toward the future computer. A smaller profile yet powerful device that will not use wires but rather connect, access, update over a wireless network. We wouldn't be cutting wires completely. For large amounts of data, we still need that copper pipe. This is an interesting time.


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