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Sunday, January 20, 2008
He say you Blade Runner.

Thumbs up on the new DVD set of Blade Runner. The final, definitive, director's cut not only looks good but tightens the movie up just a wee bit. I used to think the original cut was good but I think my mind has changed on that. This version is likely the best.

The contrast has been tweaked a bit and the movie seems to have a nice glow in places. More than twenty years later and it is still an amazing movie to look at.

The director's commentary is so-so. It is like Ridley Scott is not watching the movie. I'm really not sure about that. He is just talking and they have cut it up so sometimes the scenes match to what he is talking about. Still he has some interesting things to say.

There are quite a few extra featurettes. I really like the fact they have Syd Mead to give his thoughts. Very cool. Everything he designs has a purpose. Listen to him talk about his parking meters. Yikes. On a side note I recently saw a Space doc on Moebius where he talked about his work on Alien. They even had Giger say a few words. Man, those were the days when these great artists worked on films. Can't say we've had anything like that lately.

For some reason I always thought Blade Runner was filmed in England. It was on a back lot in LA. For a modest budget it makes me wonder why more interesting films have not been done for small budgets.


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