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Thursday, January 31, 2008
Race for the prize. What's the contest again?

Rob Pegoraro in the WP writes about "the race for the most portable laptop".

The key part of his analysis is how we will get there.
But even people who rarely roam with their laptops have reason to follow developments at the ultra-light end of the scale. That's where you can spot the future of computing.

Want to see what features might vanish from next year's laptops? Take note of what designers leave out to shave a few ounces. Curious about what new technologies will show up in bigger computers? See what high-performance components manufacturers include to stretch out battery life.
Indeed. This year's models is the equivalent of running ideas up the flag pole and see who salutes.

UMPCs have been around for a couple years and the cost has kept them from the masses. OLPC and the Asus EEE have really changed the idea of how we think of not just laptops, but personal computing.

Power users really can't use a OLPC or EEE as the primary device. So what will they use? Can they actually use something like the MBA? Rob P has some thoughts on that.

Let's see who salutes. Check back next year.


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