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Saturday, January 12, 2008
Tuning in: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

The write-ups for the Terminator franchise TV spin-off, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles (Sunday on Fox) sound pretty good. Let's hope it's not just because there is no real new programming to talk about.

From Doug Elfman in the Chicago Sun Times ...
I try not to write phrases that seem tailored for TV ads, but it's unavoidable here: "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" begins as an intense, thoughtful, exciting, fun spectacle. The first episode will kick your ass.

Or, I should say, it will kick your ass if you're a sucker for "Terminator" flicks and provocative action films, as I am. The first two episodes are cool and smartly written, directed and acted. There's also a depth to those war theories I was mentioning.
And in the NYTimes ...
“The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is a fantasy of technophobic paranoia, but it is also a metaphor for mad, crazy blood love, for motherhood not merely as an honorable career but also as salvation.


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