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Sunday, February 03, 2008
Big bands on the big screen.

So I'm not really a U2 guy. Rolling Stones don't do it for me either. However, I do recommend U2 3D which is now playing at the IMAX. Yeah 3D is a bit of a gimmick but what a gimmick it is. At the moment the 3D trailer started, I had to say WOW! This is gonna be quite a ride. I really didn't know what to expect and walked out thinking I had just seen the start of the future of cinema.

Who knows what I mean by that. Would Chinatown be a better movie in 3D? Doubt it. But imagine seeing Blade Runner in 3D. Well now.

Anway after the movie, the boys were comparing notes and Ian said something like, better U2 than say The Rolling Stones in 3D. I knew what he meant. The clarity on the IMAX screen is extraordinary. I don't think I could watch the wrinkled Stones on the big screen.

Fast forward a day for me to see a trailer on HD Net's Nothing But Trailers - a new Rolling Stones movie - yawnnn, what's this - directed by Martin Scorsese! The guy needs no introduction however I'll add that he directed The Band's The Last Waltz which is one of the best rock movies I've seen.

Well the trailer looks quite good. Perhaps, just perhaps I might go see it on a big screen.


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