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Saturday, February 09, 2008
Home Servers now for sale.

Just noticed that the HP Windows Home Server box is now available at your corner BBuy and FuShu. The single disk 500GB model is $599.

Priced not bad compared with a DROBO which TigerD is selling for about $500, though you have to bring your own disk. I guess the HP EX470, EX475 should be compared to the network attached DROBO which TD is selling for $850.

Even though I have a decent Windows Home Server setup running on an old Compaq PC, I might just pick up one of the HP models because with 4 drives in it would be nicely self contained with one power cable and one ethernet string. My current Home Server setup is an octopus of power and USB cables.

To power it on, I have to go through a check list of things.
Turn on power bar #1. Check.
Turn on LaCie external disk. Check.
Turn on computer. Check Check.
All the drives lit up. Check.
Computer booting. Check.
Walk away.


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