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Friday, February 08, 2008
Project B 2008 - ideas for a vanity

My current bathroom has a 4 ft. vanity box that needs to be replaced with something else. Another box? Wall hung cabinet? Pedestal? Vessel? After searching the internet for days looking at retail sites, ebay, design sites, thousands of photos, I came across this link about a DIY vanity.
A little DIY tutorial about how to make a bathroom vanity out of almost anything.
That kind of got me thinking of some other angle. Could I do something myself. So like the website mentioned, I searched around IKEA (website) and found a free standing kitchen island that would fit my space. Funny thing - I noticed the US listing is $70 cheaper.

The height of the GROLAND is a bit higher than my current box however I saw an article in a recent Kitchen & Bath Design mag that said vanity counters are a couple inches higher now. People are tired of bending down or something like that. They also mentioned the trend of how storage space below the waist should be a drawer and not a door. People don't want to bend down to look for stuff either.

The best looking sinks and cabinets I saw are from SONIA and ART CERAM.

My choice ... the Art Ceram Planet 120 or the Step 120. Seeing these things in a PDF is one thing. Actually getting product easily is another. Fortunately Art Ceram is carried in Canada by Natphil.

Now I still need to get/build a box or something to rest the 120cm sink on.

And so it goes.


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