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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
A thousand nerds.

While searching the CCD v CMOS issue, I came across a neat blog run by a bunch of guys at Kodak...
A Thousand Nerds is a place for ideas and knowledge sharing from the people of Kodak about technology. We love what we do, and we want to share our expertise about digital imaging's technologies and its power to influence our world. We invite you to join our conversation with stories and experiences of your own.
The recent posts...

Creating Stereo Prints Using Kodak Digital Cameras
Dude, Where's My Fembot?
Facial Retouch: It's you, only better

From Dude ...
If you think it through, fembots have to be a bad idea. First, there's the whole software problem. Sure, in theory it's all finite state automata, but in practicality every software system is prone to unpredictable outputs (sometimes known as "undocumented features"). Further, as guys, we are genetically predisposed to making women wish us dead on occasion. Giving them ready means to act on that impulse would be just plain stupid.
I think this one blog to watch.


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