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Saturday, February 02, 2008
Toyota makes a move.

As Doug pointed out to me, Toyota Canada has announced some price reductions on Toyota and Lexus models.

Canadian Driver forums have some chatter.
RX for $44? IS for $31,9?!! Shocked Shocked Shocked!!! For a Lexus that's insane!

Toyota is flexing some muscle and crushing the competition here.
While prices are moving the in the right direction compared to similar models in the US, there is still a difference. Guess I shouldn't complain too much. This is a welcome move. Now what will the competition do?

Doug, there is a price reduction on the IS 250 AWD. It's down to just over $37K. That's a good price. However I configured a car and as is typical with Toyota, to get heated seats I had to add a luxury package to raise the cost to $41K.

Oh and for Toyota, all this talk about making cars for Canada is sometimes just talk. I had to add a block heater as an option to the IS250. Made for Canada indeed.


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