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Sunday, February 24, 2008
You Kill Me (winnipeg)

You Kill Me is playing on Movie Central, and while Ebert didn't like it ...
What do they have to work with? A tepid, dated screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely ("The Life and Death of Peter Sellers") that feels like a first draft by a film-school sophomore. Maybe a second draft.
I think its worth a look for 1) Ben Kingsley and 2) Winnipeg's locations used during the shoot.

Snip from The Onion via Metacritic ...
The main pleasure lies in watching a cast filled with fine character actors like Kingsley, Farina, Hall, and Bill Pullman work their way around the salty, noir-inflected dialogue. It's just unfortunate that those lines add up to such piffle.
Yeah so it aint Gross Pointe Blanke (as Ebert recommends instead of) but I thought it was priceless to see Kingsley and hear how he says his lines. Kinda fun.

Then the locations in Winnipeg ... I ate lunch recently in the lounge of the Round Table where the final scene takes place. Just to think that Kingsley and Dennis Farina squared off there. Ha!


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