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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Are CD's dead?

NPR's All Songs Considered blog asks that question as the writer has converted all his CDs to digital.
I'm ripping everything to a massive hard drive hooked up to what has become my stereo: my computer.

This is partly because I don't like having a house overrun with thousands of CDs. Invisible sound files on a hard drive are simply more convenient.
With all music going digital, will the compact disc become extinct?

Being one who has undertaken the same task, converting CDs to MP3 and storing them on a computer for playback, I ask the same question myself. Instead of buying a CD, ripping it, scanning the cover and copying it to a computer, would it not be easier to just download it already in a digital format?

I was surprised reading the comments to NPR's blog post that many people were still quite fans of the CD. I like CDs myself. I don't plan to get rid of the ones I own. They are just out of sight now. My two recent music purchases last week were on CD (Tom Brosseau and The Innocence Mission). Before that my purchases were a mix of CDs from HMV and CD Plus (Justin Rutledge, Jane Vain, A Fine Frenzy and British Sea Power) and downloads from Zunior (Thee Silver Mt. Zion, Amy Milan, Hinterland) which I recommend for your Canadian indie content.

The future is going digital - yes. When we will stop seeing CDs in the store and on merch tables? Until someone can figure out how to sell music in stores that is on a different format.


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