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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
HTPC - the missing link?

Some discussion on the digital home canada forums is calling a new product from Hauppauge the holy grail of home theatre PC equipment.

Does it deserve such praise? Well its not on the street yet so no one knows. However on paper it does look like it could be the missing link for your home theatre PC setup. Why? It is the only device that might be able to record hi-def signals from your satellite set top box to a computer disk drive. Sure we can use a HD PVR to record hi-def. But we can't move the HD file off of the HD PVR to your computer.

While its easy to record composite and s-video signals with tv capture cards, there is no such thing as a component video capture card/box. Until now. Or May when it hits the street. The pre-order is cheap enough for many to get in line. We'll soon know whether it actually works or not.

Me? I'm not in line. I'll watch the forums to see what the opinions are formed.


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