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Thursday, May 01, 2008
My rig - Sony VGF-WA1

Monitor Mix asked the question ...
how all of us music listeners have different devices from which our music springs forth: iPods and mp3 players, car stereos, computer speakers, boom boxes, or the old fashion stereo console. If you are so inclined, please take a picture of the device on which you listen to music most of the time and I'll compile the photos for Friday or Monday's blog.
I sent photos of my device - the Sony VGF-WA1.

Now that I've converted all my music to MP3, the challenge is to be able to play it back. There is no one real great solution so until such a device appears, I have been using the Sony VGF-WA1.

The Washington Post had an article the other day about how well wireless works for music. Not perfect mind you ...
Right now I move my music around my house by taking my Zune Mini and plugging it into the auxiliary jack of whatever stereo system happens to be nearby. Sure, wireless alternatives for audio exist, but they're hardly ideal.
I actually had a chance recently to play with the Sonos device mentioned in the article. I wasn't that impressed. Maybe because my Sony was like $900 cheaper had something to do with it. Okay, more about my Sony. It connects to my home wireless network to a share on my computer. It connects to my stereo with a R/L audio cable. Or use its internal speakers, and rechargable battery to take it into the garage like I did for these photos (Sitting on top of my car). Negatives - navigating through its menus is way too hard. The wireless connection drops every so often. That screen is just too small. Still the sound quality through a stereo is excellent. The built-in speakers are not bad either.

As I said, this is not an ideal device. It is still way to complicated. If the idea of setting up a wireless connection makes your eyes gloss over then this will be more of a jigsaw puzzle than plug and play ... like a CD player for example. My ideal setup would be like a CD player. Press ON and PLAY. (oh and there is no Mac support either.)

The benefit however of being able to quickly change playback between music and podcasts. And more randomness. 5-disc changer? HA! How about 100-disc changer? 1000?

And just what was I doing in the garage. The on-going bathroom reno project of course. Its at the phase where I thought I could easily make some pedestal stands with a wood veneer finish (dry fitting in the bottom photo). Cutting, doweling, sanding, staining. That's been my free time for the past week or so. All made more enjoyable while listening to music of course.


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