The Redeye Complex

Sunday, May 25, 2008
seen, read, watched

The 2008 installment of Indiana Jones is more action than adventure. That's too bad really. Still, it is a good summer popcorn film.

Interesting trailers before the film. Eagle Eye leaves you on a cliff hanger. That got my attention. If that didn't raise anyone else's eyebrows then The Curious Case of Benjamin Button sure would. It's by David Fincher so you know its going to look good. And it stars Brad Pitt although his name doesn't appear. The less you know about this the better it might be. So perhaps stay away from the trailer.

Speaking of spoilers, the preview/review of the 2008 version of The Andromedia Strain in the Globe and Mail gives away wayyyy too much. I'll PVR it but I'm probably going to be disappointed since I really like the original.


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