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Friday, July 18, 2008
FF2008 - Revealing a Secret

Recently on Monitor Mix, Carrie talks about secret ingredients, something that makes a band or performance special.
Different from the underrated, the secret weapons are the players who you one day discover are behind much of what you love about a band. Sure, they wouldn't exist without the songwriter(s), but they are the element that pushes the songs from like to love, and from great to glorious.
I thought about this for a few days trying to figure out who I think are the secret ingredients to bands I enjoy. I came up with a couple ideas, and by a great coincidence, had a chance to confirm one of them close-up at the 2008 Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Jacob Valenzuela and Martin Wenk in Calexico are the secret weapon that takes the music up to "glorious". Even though they do quite a bit for the band as musicians, its when they add their horns in harmony at the end of a groove that really makes a song a special moment. I listened to them tune up together before their workshop set with The Weakerthans and Hayden and even that was great.

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