The Redeye Complex

Monday, September 08, 2008
Friday night at the Forks - Nathan

A horizontal line-up of Nathan performs at the Forks celebrating its 20th birthday. Due to the WSO seating requirements, all the bands were squished up front in a single line. Dunno, I think that was a cool arrangement.

While talking to Jai at The King's Head last week, found out that the mass deconstruction of the Old Market Square is a renovation of the space. Jai was asked by a biz agency what improvements could be made to the area. Answer was to turn it into a small market vendor space which is a coincidence because as we remembered, that area was the origin of the Forks. When the Forks was on the drawing board, it was explained to be the area for market vendors located at Old Market Square. So 20 years later, the Forks is a successful meeting space. And Old Market Square may become what it was like 20-25 years ago.



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