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Monday, September 22, 2008
Somewhere in there is an idea waiting to be heard

Couple weeks later since new ipods were announced, and the feature that seems to have attracted attention is the Genius playlist. As far as innovation goes, if it gets people interested in music, then its a win. Since the music industry is all about controlling rights, innovation in the music industry may just turn toward features rather than licensing. Even Mircosofts new version of ZUNE with its all you can eat subscription service is just an idea here in Canada since it is not available to us yet.

So onto innovation, Duke Listens makes the case that we should watch the academic world for new ideas.
there is lots of interesting research being done in the music information retrieval community - and the yearly conference, called ISMIR, just concluded this week in Philadelphia.
DL links to some papers. Yeah! Now reading academic papers is sometimes mind numbing and usually require sub-titles. Still, it may be worth a look see.


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