The Redeye Complex

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
New on DVD

Really now. Who thought this would appear on DVD?

From Amazon ...
After an Earth-destroying threat endangers the planet, Mankind builds a gigantic Earthship Ark spacecraft to save the last of humanity. After an accident takes place and kills the crew, the airlocks connecting the ship's domes are sealed. Cut off from the outside world, many communities simply forgot that they were on a spacecraft.
Read the Amazon comments, So Bad It's Wierdly Good
Originally, this series had the involvement of SF great Harlan Ellison, but after everyone from studio execs to apparently the photocopier repair guy got to have their "input", the series was so gutted and emasculated that Mr. Ellison removed his name from the production completely and substituted his WGA alias (Cordwainer Bird) as allowed when someone is so disgusted with what they have done to the writer's material.
Yes, I would like to see this. And yes, I'll probably regret it.


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