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Monday, October 13, 2008
Project B

The 2008 bathroom project is entering the final phase - the shower.

One of the interesting things I've discovered while working on this project is all the neat products that are out there. For example, instead of working with copper pipe, there is PEX - flexible tubing. The cool part is that you connect this stuff without having to get out the solder and torch. While reading an article from Family Handyman, I saw a neat looking push fit connector from SharkBite. I used some push fit connectors from Dahl Brothers for the sink and they work great. They are not cheap, about $25 each, but works for me.

Funny thing about looking for supplies. You would think that all Home Depot and Rona locations would carry the same thing. Maybe some are just better stocked than others. Well the BEST location in the city for plumbing is the Regent Home Depot. I was there on Friday and saw shelves of SharkBite connectors. They weren't at the Garden City location.

Picked up a few connectors for the shower.

Also on the weekend, stopped at my favourite lighting store, Superlite to see if I can get a shower light that is not boring. They has some good displays from Contrast Lighting. Looking for something like this or this fluorescent kit.



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