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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
DPReview on the G10

DPReview has posted their review of the Canon G10. Interesting reading the conclusion/summary which also throws in an editorial of where we are with digi-cams today.
This is also an interesting time in the high-end compact segment, as the three camera we have compared in this review (the Canon G10, Panasonic LX3 and Nikon P6000) all have different sensors of different resolutions but at about the same size. The G10 has shown what is possible with resolution in a controlled high contrast image at base ISO, but LX3 showed what is possible with current sensor technology in a compact. In the real world, try as you might, it is just not possible to shoot at ISO 80 all the time, and in these conditions the LX3 performed better than the G10 with fewer pixels.
Fewer pixels ... better results. Interesting. Perhaps we really have turned the corner on the megapixel race. The sooner we put that behind us the better. Let's make some improvements on the sensors.


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