The Redeye Complex

Monday, November 24, 2008
stitching project B

Before I start the messy setting and tiling part of the shower stall, I thought a few "before" pictures were in order. The space is too small to get everything in a full camera frame so I decided to quick stitch some snaps so you can get an idea of the "before-look".

Decided to use that Microsoft ICE tool I found a few weeks back. The results are really quite good since I am not really leveling off the camera like I should do for stitching panos.

The first is the shower stall - a three image pano.

While snapping away I decided to grab frames of the larger area of the bathroom just to see what the MS ICE tool could do with it. Nine frames were used in the second image. What is here is just the way it came out. I reduced the size for posting here. Then, I clicked a few icons to change the center point and perspective. No pano tool I've used before let me do that before. Click clik and voila - the third image.

Now the larger bathroom shot doesn't line everything up properly but for a quick pano, it is not too bad.


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