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Sunday, December 28, 2008
Movie (and other media) Roundup

I'm not gonna be too hard on The Spirit considering I didn't pay to get in (thanks big Daddy K!). The company was great. And I got I plate full of cookies out of the deal too. Now that I think about it, the Spirit was the least interesting part of that evening.

Becoming Jane was sitting on the PVR for about a month til I started it up recently. My loss for that month. It's a good movie. Shot really well and while not as remarkable as Joe Wright's Pride & Prejudice, I'd recommend it for fans of that film. And fans of Anne Hathaway.

Talk Talk Live at Montreaux 1986, while not of great video quality, and demonstrating the style of the 1980s with no sense of nostalgia (no one wants to look like that anymore), it fills in my gap of this band saying goodbye to the electro pop of the early 1980s just before moving where no band has gone before. This was great to see. Now if someone has a live gig recording from the era of their last two studio albums. That would be quite something. What is Mark Hollis doing these days?

Going back even earlier in time, I watched the first episode of The Starlost. Its actually not too bad. An interesting story, something of which I didn't hook into as a kid. More interested in flashing lights, buttons, jump pads, and that great computer interface. I think I'll take this one in small doses. Spidey sense says its gonna get cheesy.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars on SpaceTV and CTV on a not so regular schedule has not disappointed me yet. Much better than the recent movie likely because they can focus attention on other characters for an entire episode. Even Jar Jar is not as annoying as he usually is. Maybe that's because I've only seen him once after 6 or 8 episodes.

Best of the bunch is Resident Evil: Degeneration. What could go better with Christmas than zombies. Highly recommended for fans of the game since its all about Claire Redfield and Leon S Kennedy. It might appear to be one long cut scene from a soon to be released game but actually you forget about that after the first great 10 minutes. There is a story here. A predictable story, with not so great dialogue, yes. Sort of like The Spirit actually but this one's got zombies in it! What else do you need. Oh and you get a great Boss too. Oh, and a Big Trouble in Little China moment at the end. That Leon is as cool as ol Jack Burton. What else do you want? Yes my standards are low if the right buttons are pushed ... look ... blinking lights.


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