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Thursday, January 01, 2009
2008 favourite albums

Some of my favourite albums from 2008. Yes some of these were not actually released in 2008. Popular Mechanix (Western World) was released more than 25 years ago. Picked up a CD package of that at IntoTheMusic.

I'll give a listen to anything by Yann Tiersen (Tabarly)and Robin Guthrie (3:19). They both didn't disappoint. When I don't know what to listen to, I can put these on and enjoy.

Martha Wainwright (I know your married), Jose Gonzalez (In Our Nature), and Bon Iver (For Emma Forever Ago) all have a great sound that really made me stop and listen.

Hot Springs (Volcano) I knew nothing about until I saw a video on Much Music. Had a very hard time tracking down that album. In a time of post, modern rock, whatever, this is just short, straight up rock music.

Exclaim magazine also has proved to be (again) a great source to discover music. That's how I found out about Katie Moore (Only Thing Worse) and Jane Vain & The Dark Matter (Love Is Where the Smoke Is). I listened to these two quite a bit in 2008.

Also high in the rotation were Alpha (The Sky Is Mine CD2), Tindersticks (The Hungry Saw), Portishead (Third), Shelby Lynne (Just a Little Lovin).

Music from Greg King's film (cycle) Rotating Mirror attracted me because of included music from Rachel's. I've heard some of the music before. Hearing it with a mix of other things proved to be quite enjoyable. I can put this on and either drift off or find new things in the layers that I may not have heard before.

The Virgin Queen television soundtrack composed by Martin Phipps and featuring vocals by The Mediaeval Baebes proved to be a great find.


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