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Friday, January 16, 2009
Enjoy while it lasts and move on

Apple, Macworld, Nortel, The National Post, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, BSG, Patrick McGoohan ... nothing lasts forever. Indeed. Especially when it comes to music and bands that you like. Thinking about Talk Talk recently (which in 2009 leads to googling) uncovered this good article from the Guardian.
Initially hailed in the music press as a poor man's Duran Duran (they shared the same producer, a similar name and toured with their new romantic counterparts), they took Neil Young's comment about travelling off of the middle of the road straight to the ditch more to heart than their peers.
And today, for some reason I was thinking about another favourite, The Czars, who haven't released anything in a few years. Who knows is they ever will. About their last album Goodbye, from MSNBC ...
It’s ironic that an album full of songs about saying goodbye came just as the band was starting to disintegrate. Even the title track is a song in which Grant says goodbye to his former self, singing, “I love to see you fade and die / I love to see you kicking, screaming as you try to reach the sky.”
The explanation or plan to right oneself is in the next paragraph ...
“It was about deciding that I was going to work toward living on this planet instead of learning how to destroy myself,” Grant said. “That song is basically sort of a promise to try to live instead of giving up.”


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