The Redeye Complex

Sunday, January 18, 2009
Frak Earth

Well the end of BSG has started and I really don't know what to think. Characters are giving up and I mean givin up. Tighe goes for a walk in the water, sort of like Don in Mad Men, and I wondered if he was comin back.

Have we come a long way since the beginning of the series. Oh boy. I have to admit that its not as enjoyable as it once was however it is still kind of interesting.

Just what is the goal again.

I was watching the goings on with the BSG prop auction this weekend and it occurred to me that one of the series best props is something you can't sell. Its the film stock (yes I'm old), or actually the filter effects used to create the mood. I didn't see that up for auction. And without that, we wouldn't feel the desperation. Kinda reminds me of dreary -40C winter weather here. Nah, its not that bad.


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