The Redeye Complex

Monday, May 18, 2009
1000 and counting

Blogger tells me that I am now over 1000 posts here on The Redeye Complex. First post was in October 2000.

I think when I started this blog, my thought was that I could put up at least one post every day. Obviously that didn't happen. However 1000 posts anywhere over that period of time by one person must mean something.

And for Blogger to still exist after nine plus years could be the more interesting story.

Okay, here is my deal with Blogger. As long as you are still around (and free), I'll keep posting. Can't say who is gonna read. And no, I am not putting up any ads anywhere. And I'm stickin to my vanilla template thank you very much.

Thanks to those who have stopped by to read. The Redeye Complex is a place where I can post some stuff mostly so I can keep track of time passing by.


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