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Sunday, May 10, 2009
Star Trek The Reboot

Saw the new Star Trek the other day and its quite a good ride. Great action. Great effects. All the actors I recognize are quite enjoyable. How great is it to have Bruce Greenwood in this. Chris Pine as Kirk is borderline for me just because I found him more annoying than charming. No leader I know is annoying around the troops.

So this Trek may ruffle some feathers. Whoa now. Just what have they done?

Good article on The Daily Beast explaining remakes and reboots. And make no doubt about it. The purpose of this movie is to reboot the interest in an audience going to see a bunch of sequels.

Did Trek deserve a reboot? In more ways than one ...
(TOS) Trek’s plucky Kennedy-era optimism looked hopelessly out-of-date in a smoky, apocalyptic landscape dominated by Terminators and Robocops. But these days, who cares about superheroes exploring their dark side? The new movie is the most upbeat blockbuster in years, with Chris Pine playing Kirk as a scrappy ne’er-do-well with a famous dad who thinks with his gut and deplores negotiating with the evil Romulans; mixed-race Spock meanwhile radiates skinny logician cool as he pursues a course of intergalactic diplomacy.
Now while I'm not totally buying the way they got to this new era, it does look like it could be fun.


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