The Redeye Complex

Friday, June 12, 2009

Short driving trip to/from Minneapolis under sunny/cloudy/rainy skies. Minneapolis where every political bumper sticker says Obama. Minneapolis always under construction. Pictured is Lyndale Ave at the 494.

I can actually still go record shopping in Minneapolis. Cheapo on Lake and on Snelling still have miles of aisles. And I actually found Electric Fetus records. I can never find it when I use a map. This time I stumbled onto it while driving back from Cheapo on Snelling to the Walker Art Center downtown. Picked up hard copies of the new Tim Hecker, Pop Ambient 2009, Mia Doi Todd's Morning Music. Add a couple things I was not looking for. A new album from Portland Cello Project and a split project with A Whisper in the Noise and If Thousands. Add a couple discs from Tom Brosseau and a collaboration disc with Keith Fullerton Whitman and Greg Davis. All these discs and some good radio from The Current, and Radio K means that the car is never without music.

Have not been to the Walker Art Center in years. Parked free on the street at the very green Loring Park, across from the Women's Club Theater where I saw Sigur Ros years back. Interesting exhibitions Live Forever: Elizabeth Payton and The Quick and the Dead.
Although some of their work involves unremarkable materials or even borders on the invisible, these artists explore new ways of thinking about time and space, often aspiring to realms and effects that fall far outside of our perceptual limitations.
Recommended. Although you need to go when not feeling tired. You have to read every display card (in the dimly lit setting of an art gallery). View the display. Walk around. Think about it. Go back to the display. Read the display card again. Repeat.

And remember ... Think Happy.


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