The Redeye Complex

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Record of the Night Club

The Record of the Week Club CD release show was on June 18 at the WECC. Split into two parts. First songs from the CD. Then after an intermission, new songs, some if not all of them just finished like during the intermission. This was bound to be an accident waiting to happen. Or magic which it did turn out to be.

In both parts, a new band would come out after each song. No switching drum kits or long set ups. This really was something to see. Bands for the new material were made of up other band members from the first part. And with catchy band names like "Group B", "Group C".... It was quite funny to see the singers in part 2 arrive on stage with lyrics on line paper. Like Mike Petkau (far right of the group shot) said at the start of part 2 - songs written here tonight. Very very fun.


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