The Redeye Complex

Sunday, August 09, 2009
Cho Oyu 8201m

Ever since I started my subscription with eMusic, I seem to find a surprise every couple months. My latest surprise is by Geir Jennsen who I really know as Biosphere. Cho Oyu 8201m is a field recording journal while he was climbing Cho Oyu in 2001.

Even though this is a field recording album, it still has the delicate touch that I recognize from Biosphere albums. Take Nangpa La: Birds Feeding On Biscuits ... from touchshop
Geir wanted to get some clean recordings of the birds, so he asked the sherpa how he could do this. The sherpa suggested he take some biscuits and rice and walk to one of the in the area. He placed the food on a rock and the microphone five centimetres away. He pushed the record button and left. 'Nangpa La: Birds Feeding On Biscuits' is a clean, unprocessed extract from that recording.
This is neat stuff.


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