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Monday, August 03, 2009
FF2009 - Great Lake Swimmers

The last performance at the 2009 Winnipeg Folk Festival was Great Lake Swimmers on the Big Bluestem Stage in the evening on Sunday July 12. A very nice crowd showed up literally hugging the stage. And once again Serena Ryder was on hand for some backup vocal work.

During setup there was a request from the stage to the audience for a multi-tool to fix a stand on the upright bass. Story ended well. Someone did have a multi-tool and the show could begin on time.

It was a Great Lake Swimmers weekend for me since I had seen Tony most of the weekend at workshops. The weekend also made me re-think their latest album Lost Channels. On first few listens I thought it was a mixed bag of tempos that didn't seem to flow. Then during the weekend I heard the songs with some context. I do like the album now much more now. Although it was sad to hear that A Northern Chorus is no more. Its gonna be sad every time I listen to The Chorus In the Underground

Good luck with Polaris.

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