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Wednesday, August 19, 2009
I buy CDs

Recent numbers on music sales show that people are still buying CDs. A CNET blog asks the question - who are buying them?
So who are these CD lovers?

They’re the same bunch still subscribing to AOL dial-up.
They’re the same folks that still like albums.
They’re the same people that read liner notes.
They’re also a lot like me once in a while—People that would rather have the source material instead of screwing around with various formats (I also buy from Amazon’s MP3 store).
Okay, I agree with a few of those points especially the last one. Heck I just bought four CDs last weekend. The Deep Dark Woods, Jim Bryson Live at the First Baptist Church, Kevin Fox, and and Procol Harum Live With the Edmonton Symphony Anniversay Edition. I also downloaded a few Caroline LaVelle tracks from eMusic along with In Between Words by Christopher Bissonnette. I also used eMusic to save links to artists appearing at Send + Receive v.11.

Interesting part of my CD buying spree was that all of them were purchased at McNally Robinson. Two CDs each on different days at the two locations in town. Sure helps when the music stock has been chosen with care.


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