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Tuesday, August 25, 2009
thoughts for deep thinking

Two articles that make me go hmmmm...

Paul Thurrott mentioned this WSJ article that uncovers a truth about all this instant wired communication we participate in ... how it can actually be hurting us ...
The Internet has provided us with an almost unlimited amount of information, but the speed at which it works—and we work through it—has deprived us of its benefits. We might work at a higher rate, but this is not work ing. We can store a limited amount of information in our brains and have it at our disposal at any one time. Making decisions in this communication brownout, though without complete infor mation, we go to war hastily, go to meetings unprepared, and build relationships on the slippery gravel of false impressions. Attention is one of the most valuable modern resources. If we waste it on frivolous communication, we will have nothing left when we really need it.
Seems like I read articles like this every year. Still a good checkpoint to make us think.

Second dish on the food for thought menu is from Chris Lanier who writes as he often does about Windows Media Center. My WMC box has been running every day for the last four years. Its my PVR and it works not too bad.

Although many people use Windows Media Center, it does seem to be used only by computer enthusiasts. And that does not look like it is going to change.
Microsoft’s latest attempt to make a market for Media Center has been the custom integrator channel, and some have big expectations for what Microsoft might have in store. Sadly most of the possibilities have already been proven false, and based on what I’ve been told from those in the industry interest in Media Center in the custom channel is dropping fast. I’m interest to see how much longer Microsoft attempts to push into the market.


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