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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Home Server Notes

While Windows Home Server still remains an enthusiast device, it is still something that might just break into the mainstream. It does have its uses. I set up a multi-terrabyte WHS to serve up audio, photos, and video. Works not too bad.

I have recently experimented with a WHS running on an ASUS Eee box. The low power requirements of the Eee pc, plus large hard drives in a laptop form factor make it very useful for a music jukebox. Using a real PC instead of a headless box has some advantages. The Eee box has an audio input which I also use to record FM radio. And the files go into my music directory. Very very neat.

HP still seems to have the corner on the market if you want to walk into best buy and get one.

Heads up though on what you can get by looking around. MemoryExpress is selling the Acer headless device, 4 slots, 1TB drive ... for $329. What a price. TB drives are about $100. The WHS software is selling for over $100. This is an interesting option. It does not have my audio input, and unlike the HP WHS devices, it does not include the plugin that you really need to play music back on non-computer devices. My Eee box WHS needs the Twonky Media server running so my Sony music streamer plays albums in the proper song order.

So its still a bit of a jigsaw puzzle out there. The good thing is that you can get a demo copy of WHS for 30 days. It can run on a low power windows PC. Perfect then to try it out on a PC sitting in the closet.


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